Our Services

Get Endless Support in WordPress, Debugging, and Webpage Running

With no time limit or periods, our specialists aim to cater to you with endless support and a website-running portfolio. 

Hire Web is your ride-or-die team that works on re-write and developing your WordPress site. Worry no more now about onboarding a freelancer to get your Website adjusted and in working condition. Our endless WordPress support, Debugging, and editing service of webpages ensures that monthly, you subscribe to our all-rounder plan, which has the feature of unlimited requests for our ‘specialists’ assistance. 

What will we do in Edits?

We will provide an endless edit unit which includes content adjustment, altering of headers and footers, updating plugin settings, CSS modifications, contextual edits, blog adaptation, addition, formatting, and changing new landing pages, text and images, tallying coupon codes, and landing stage of shopping carts along with more. 


Endless WordPress Back-Up Services

Upon your requests, our specialists work round the clock on your Website:


Endless Requests

We frequently get questioned about our offer of endless requests. It’s 100% true! At hire web app Endless means constant concerning providing edits and support to your WP site. We don’t like to fight on two penny-half pence with our clients, which is why our monthly subscription packages have documented our client’s right to technical backup and edit smoothly. 


Steadfastness and Reply Time

Our average response time to requests is 1-4 hours. Though, it depends upon the request! Our average resolution time, however, is between 24-48 hours. In case of minor changes, clients could avail edits faster. 


Personalized Buildout

Our Hire Web App trusted partner is recommended to assist clients with larger projects that require customization. With a personalized project scope, our partner can offer you an additional hourly rate at a separate quote. 


Endless WordPress Edit Services

Our client’s security is the ultimate priority for us!


New Pages Addition

Need to add a new page in WordPress? We can add either a static service page or a landing page, or a page of any other type to your site along with the design and content element that is provided to us by you. 


Products or Posts in Addition

Our endless edit support offers the addition of a blog post to your WP site, along with the addition of new products to your WP store too! You give content, graphics and formatting requirement, and we’ll post them for you!


What will we do in Edits?

We do not offer customized development options with an array of services in endless WordPress edits. We adapt graphics, build a new site or subdomain, and code new source files and plugin upgrades. 


Fixing WP and Endless Support

Our specialists have an impeccable amount of expertise in fixing front-end displays, debugging an error, configuration settings within a plugin, or changing broken backlinks. We are currently covering a diversified collection of requests, which are widely used within the administration of WordPress. 


Plugins Formation and Addition

Our Website technicians can help you add a new stored plugin or form and adjust an available one. On a particular request, we also provide recommendations for the right plugin. All we need from you is the plugin details or premium licensing, and we’ll do the rest for you. 


White-Label Program Edits

We now offer our endless WP Backup, Website updatation, and debugging WP sites for agencies looking to rebrand and resell these as a part of our White-Label Program. Now you can take care of your clients’ site 24/7 under your brand. 


Front-End and Back-End Edits

Be it front-end or backend, whether an admin panel of WP require changes or an installed page development tool needs changes. Our experts are available for you!


Debugging and Fixture

As our emergency support covers any urgent and sudden issues, including site-down and hung pages, our endless support services provide service to fix your WP site or debug it.


Content and Context Edits

With our help, you can save time and energy by adding or editing context or content across your WP Site. Our endless WP support is ready to receive your requests for content editing now!


Code Fragmentation 

Having trouble adding new lines of code? Depending on the issue, we can usually assist with requests by adding code to your Website in a secure and long-lasting way using snippets from plugins.