WordPress Updates

WordPress Upgradation Services

Our 99.996% theme, plugin and file adaptation success rate is recommended globally!

Hire Web Apps are the specialists in managing WP upgrades! Do not worry about conflicts and sudden errors on your site. Our skilled team is ready to completely upgrade, manage and execute your required upgrades per your site’s needs. 

Get Weekly Updates

Our team of specialists weekly update your WP site’s plugins, core files, and themes and monitor them to find challenging updates. 


Check Full Summary

Avail complete transparency about backups, updates, backups, uptimes and traffic by clicking here (sample here). If applicable, get insights into security and performance along with White-Label Reports. 


Select the Needed Update

Do you use obsolete themes or plugins? Until we develop a way to help you with them, we’ll set them on the no-update list.


Harmless Procedure

To ensure that no harmful effect has been made to your WP site, a pre-and post-manual and automated comparison of your site is performed. 



We do not want to mess with your WP site’s prime-time traffic. Hence, we’ll only perform updating procedures during low-traffic hours. 


Working on Multiple Sites

Either you have a single website to handle or several to manage. We at Hire Web App can successfully help you to have an individual track of your sites on a secured and frequent basis.


Gutenberg Support

We’ll assist you in upgrading to the new editor so you can easily avoid any terrifying incompatibility issues.

Advantages of Availing Accomplished Updates

Our specialists safely manage your WP updates. 


Typical vs Programmed

Even though managed WP reserves’ automatic updates can be helpful, they don’t always guard against upgrades indirectly changing the site or assisting in resolving plugin conflicts. Your site is updated safely, securely, and in real-time by having our professionals handle your updates once a week.


Updating PHP

With a relatively older version of PHP, your site will soon show decreased growth. With our managed WP Updates service, you can avail help in upgrading your WP site’s PHP Version. Moreover, if your WP host allows real-time PHP Version management, we can surely update that for you as a part of your monthly maintenance package with us.


Applicable in Personalized Sites

If your site has a custom plugin, theme updates can be challenging to handle. However, our specialist team can guide your WP updates smoothly and appropriately with our Custom Pro and Custom plans. Along with managing custom plugins and themes as well.


Updating White-Label

Are you a company that manages and updates many client websites regularly? With our white-label plans, you can provide managed WordPress updates weekly to your clients while maintaining your branding. These plans also include backups, emergency assistance, and white-labelled weekly reports.


24/7 Continuous Assistance

Our experts work 24/7 to make your sudden updates run smoothly and immediately.