WordPress Backups

Backup and Restoral Service for WordPress

1-click restoring service, and the Amazon S3 management completely handles cloud backups consisting of databases and core files. 

Hire Web App is the ultimate solution for restoring services and WordPress storage. Backup of core files and database is wholly managed with optimum transparency is our priority. Our experts stay on standby to respond to any of your site’s emergency restoration requests. Based on 24/7 monitoring, our daily plans get paired up with emergency support.

Trustworthy WordPress Backup Services

Our expert software engineers have designed an automatic backup service management for you.


Amazon S3 Backup

With our Amazon S3 Backup cloud, your entire website is a reliable backup, so nothing is lost in case of any server crashes.


Completely Automated

This feature of the Hire Web App never leaves backups as an option. Instead, we schedule needed backups only when there is a low-traffic time for your website. Ensuring that neither customer faces any difficulty nor the backup is failed. 


Offering 24/7 Help

With a team of experts available for your WordPress Backup emergency, restoral is dealt as an emergency at Hire Web App. 


Multiple Daily Backups

Ranging from the need of your website, we are ready to provide multiple daily backups to your site to ensure that every change is monitored, accounted and prepared for use.

Storage Choices

Our valuable partners and customers can easily choose between EU or US Services storage choices, as GDPR is now in control. 


Handling Restoral of your Site

Now you do not have to manage your website restoral by yourself! In case of any emergency, our experts will immediately do that for you!


Customization for you

At Hire Web App, you can now even backup files of your choice only! You can select and send us only the files you want us to back up, and we’ll cloud them for you!


Handling Multiple Sites at a Time

Whether you run a single website or have several to manage, we at Hire Web App can smoothly handle emergency backups with our curated care plans.