WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Speed Optimization Service for WordPress

We are recommended globally for our 2 seconds loading time feature. 

Hire Web App has a highly expert and skilled team specializing in speed optimization. Every WordPress site of nearly all sizes and types can load in under 2 seconds under our operational procedure. So, now do not worry about losing potential clients due to the poor technical performance of your site. The improvisation of your Core Web Vitals and two-second loading capability has covered you!

Providing Speed Services of WordPress

Optimizing your site’s speed is one of the core specialties of our experts at Hire Web App!


Improve Image Quality

Without decreasing image quality, our compression of lossless optimization takes care of picture pixels. 


Resources of Render-Blocking

To make your visitors’ experience exceptional at your WordPress Site, we store Font Awesome, JavaScript/CSS files, and Google font code in a rendered place where visual is not affected by the visitors. 


CSS and JavaScript Minify 

All scripts and styles are consolidated, minified, and compressed, expiration headers are added, your website is cached, and classes are moved to the page head while scripts are migrated to the footer.


Browser Caching Leverage

Visitors are shown the fast-loaded version of your WordPress site to omit the caching browser time.

Allowing Compression 

To make the overall version of your website faster, we allow compression of Gzip to create your assets delivered more quickly. 


Query String Removal

‘? The URLs “are not cached by specific CDNS or proxy caching servers. We optimize them since doing otherwise can result in a missed chance for faster processing times.


Response Time Server Evaluation

An inadequate and weak-performing service can result in a slow website. As per need, any resources are hosted and monitored on your site by our experts!


Request Combination

Combining all of your CSS and JS and transferring what we can to the bottom reduces the number of requests your website makes, which helps speed up load times.


Loading Images Rapidly

Using lazy loading, your site’s iframes and pictures can load more slowly and use less bandwidth. To minimize call-outs, we do not use any external JS libraries.


Critical CSS Alignment

Since CSS is only expected to be defined in the header, we only load the strictly essential CSS after the page has been rendered and inline the rest.