Emergency Support

Emergency WordPress Support Provided 24/7

We perform frequent site monitoring and a stand-by team of experts providing 24/7 WordPress Emergency Help.

Hire We App works round the clock to monitor the WP site confirming that it is active, responsive and interactive. We cover your business site’s emergency needs seven days a week. 

24/7 Global Support

Our team at Hire Web App works day and night, 24/7 and 365 days, to ensure that every emergency crisis is averted as soon as it hits your site. 


After Sales Services

We do not only believe in pep talks. But we are also satisfying you when the crisis is resolved. We aim to facilitate our clients with emergency ticket resolutions with all the available information. 


Harmless Operation

We aim to get insights into the errors that occur on your site after a typical and automated restoration of your Website’s operations. 


Continuous Monitoring

Our uninterrupted monitoring tools continuously scan your Website for severe issues. Our team gets alerted immediately if a critical problem is found so we can react.


Weekly Updates

Get weekly updates about your Website, as our team is working tirelessly behind every downtime of your site.


Quick Response Rate

As soon as our team receives an urgent ticket request or a down-site issue, our 24/7 responsive team instantly replies. Moreover, all of our emergency tickets are dealt with on priority. 

Extra Coverage and Emergency Support

In case of any sit-down issues, our WP engineers have covered your site!


Reinstate Emergency Backup

We quickly and easily perform reinstating activities that are backed up for times when a site requires it. 


Managing Multiple Sites

Our care plans are developed to manage multiple websites in a single go. Just submit an emergency request, and we will handle it. 


Emergency Support of White-Label

Agencies with multiple client sites can easily vouch for us as our white-label plan has a 24/7 assistance program. What is perfect is providing emergency support. 


Elimination of Down-Time

Our every plan has the feature of weekly managed updates. With the help of this, you can safely upgrade your core files, plugins and themes of the WP site. That results in eliminating any potential error or downtime. 


Support Issues of Hosting

The server or hosting company is frequently blamed for a site downtime problem or significant malfunction. If so, we will speak with your host’s support staff on your behalf and cooperate with them to find a solution.